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Embed area calculator: place this area calculator on your roofing or ladscaping website

This tool allows a user to calculate the area of a shape that they can draw on a google map. The calculator can return the area in square feet, meters, kilometer, miles, acres, or any combination of them. This tool can be helpful in the bidding process of a lawncare or roofing company along with any other business where your pricing will be based off of the area of a customers property. The area calculator can also be customied to fit your websites theme. This tool has a small ad on the map, and a link back to this website. If you want a version of the tool without this data, or need a feature added to this calculator please Contact us and we will do our best to accomidate. Warning embedded maps will stop working in the near future. Google has begun to charge for use of their maps and we cannot continue to provide this service for free. More information will be available soon
To use this tool now go to the area calculator on this site

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Customize embedded google map area calculator tool.

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Button Color(background color of control buttons)
Text Color(color of control button lettering)
Display Area in Feet Meters Acres Miles Kilometers
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Latitude(latitude of map center)
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Zoom(0-20, 0-fully zoomed out)
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