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Mileage Calculator: Calculate the mileage of a flight between airports or the mileage of a car between addresses

Enter a start and end point into the tool and click the calculate mileage button. The distance in miles and kilometers will display for the straight line or flight mileage along with the distance it would take to get there in a car, driving mileage. You can enter an address, city, zipcode, or airport code as both the start or end point and the tool will do the rest. You can also compare the distance in mileage between driving and flying. When entering an Airport Code be sure to write the text "airport" after the the 3 digit code or it may not find it.

Mileage From: Mileage To: Calculate Mileage
Flight mileage: 0.0 miles, 0.0 kilometers (km)
Driving mileage: 0.0 miles, 0.0 kilometers (km)
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Other uses for the mileage calculator

Use the tool to decide if it is better to fly or drive on your next trip. You can enter your starting city and ending city to see what the mileage is between the 2 cities. It can also be useful to figure out how many miles you will need to charter a plane between two cities. It is also just interesting to see the difference in how far it will take to drive as appose to how far the stright line distance is between two places.