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Advanced Map Search: Search businesses near you

Start your search by entering an address and then clicking search. This will find the most relevant businesses, and attractions within the radius provided and show the top 20 of them on a google map. You can change the radius of the search to find businesses farther or closer to the address you enter. There are also several advanced search features that can help you refine your search. The first in name, this field limits the search to businesses or places of interest where the search is contained in the name of the business listing. The keyword field works in a similar fashion, but will search all aspects of the business listing for the keyword in question not just the name. You can also choose the type of business you want to search for, or select multiple business types. Lastly you can switch between best and the closest option. The best will find the most relevant listings in your search radius while the closest option will return the closest 20 matches to the address you entered on the map. You can combine all of these together to find the exact type of business you are looking for which is near you. For instance you could enter your address, place Chase in the name field then select ATM and Bank as the types to find the closest place for you to get some money.

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How can I use the business search

This advanced map search is a great way to find businesses near you, but it is also great for looking at your current competition, or to try to determine if a location you are looking at would be a good place to start a business. Seeing where your competitors are on a map can help you identify underutilized areas, or you can search for complementary businesses which would help your business grow.

Where we get our business data.

All of the business listing you see on the map are returned from Google's business library. You can add your listing to google places database and to this map by registering your business here