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Show a bounding box around a city, state, country, or zipcode using geocoding.

To display a bounding box around anything on a map first enter the name of a country, state, city, zipcode, or really anything you might want to see the bounds of. This might also include national parks, landmarks, or even themeparks such as the disneyland or the mall of america. Any large area that can be found using google maps geocoder will return a bounding box which can be displayed on a map using bounds object returned by the google maps API. This tool will also display the latitude and longitude of each side of the box. The north and south side of the box will displayed in latitude while the east and west sides will be displayed in longitude. If you enter an address it will just zoom to a point without placing a box around it.

North Latitude: 0 South Latitude: 0 East Longitude: 0 West Longitude: 0